Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not sure of which direction to take this one in / Repost from Multiply

Post completely rewritten on November 1, 2007 at 3:19 pm Chicago time. Previous contents of post can be found elsewhere.

I'll rename this place in a while, as I try to bring myself to accept the fact that summer is over. 47 degrees Fahrenheit probably doesn't sound too summery to the rest of the world, but keep in mind that this is 47 degrees above zero that we're talking about, and in Chicago, one learns to appreciate what one can get. I'll be out hiking for a while.

Joseph Dunphy's Soapbox, the resurrection of my Yahoo 360 blog ("Joseph Dunphy's Blog to Come") was set up in what I think (hope?) will be a secure place on Blogger, as I've already had the experience of being spamlocked and an actual human being has certified that I am, in fact, not a robot. That leaves this blog, which was to be that resurrection, in need of a new purpose. What that will be depends, in part, on the actions of the Multiply staff as they work on the functionality of a service that seems poised to fill the void being left by the self-destruction of Yahoo 360.

What's specifically holding me back from full use of this location is one particular lack of functionality - I can't seem to find any way of running a feed from another site on Multiply. Yes, I'll write to them about that. For a variety of reasons I run a few blogs, and I make a point of running the feeds from each of the sites on the others, as a convenience for my readers, who I'm not going to ask to check multiple locations, just on the off chance that I will have posted that day. Multiply seems to be fairly new - I'm guessing - so I'll wait before making any firm decisions - but as others have observed, unlike the Yahoo 360 team, the people at Multiply do seem very eager to listen to and work with their users, so I'll stay guardedly optimistic.

There are no more posts to see. Would you like to go to the main page for my space on or return to a ring this or one of my other sites is on? By the way, for those who wonder about such things, the possibility exists that this post might have been originally made on Oct 21, '07 at 1:42 AM, instead of toward the end of World War One.

Or a few years in the future, depending on how you choose to read those two digits. (The post was backdated to Jan 1, '17 12:01 AM on Multiply).