Friday, October 16, 2009

Yadda, yadda, yadda ...

I will be writing a blog about the experience of learning more about Judaism and Jewish culture, my learning having been delayed longer than I would have preferred, first by the time spent studying Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering instead, and then by the need to deal with the poverty that followed when I entered the job market. That is a very long and unpleasant story, on which I would rather not dwell.

As I write that blog, I will periodically read and comment on blogs found on Blogger, and talk about what I've seen here, maybe adding a little more content in addition to that. This, then, is a side blog, one which won't be updated as often as most, but with an attached Mybloglog community, so interested visitors won't have to keep checking back for updates.

The name is an allusion to my own vast ignorance on the subject. Please do not treat this as an authoritative source, for I will often be most wrong, but as being nothing more than the notebook of an interested student.